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Aug 08

How to Protect Your Assets From Creditors With Your Estate Plan

When you work hard during your career, you take care to save and…

Jun 06

What Does an Estate Planning Attorney Help With?

Estate planning can be a particularly technical and detailed process, but a diligent…

May 05

What Happens If Someone Dies Without a Will in California?

While planning your estate, it is only natural for you to wonder what…

Feb 02

What Is the First Step in Estate Planning?

No matter your age, if you own property, have children, or have a…

Feb 02

How Do I Prepare for Estate Planning?

Estate planning, like most other specialized legal fields, may seem simple at first.…

Jan 01

What Are the 5 Components of Estate Planning?

Planning your estate can be a daunting task. Whether you are organizing all…

Apr 04

The Daily Journal: The Bigger Picture

Henry Meier, Daily Journal Staff Writer LOS ANGELES -- Superior Court Judge Michael…

Mar 03

​The Daily Journal: Verdicts & Settlements

Banking, Fraud, Impairment of Security Interest, Slander of Title VERDICT: $1,797,000 Citibank, N.A.…

Sep 09

The Laguna Beach Independent

Thomas P. Davis Recognized for Philanthropic Work for Non-Profit Organization, Chhahari

Aug 08

The Santa Maria Times

Davis Toft Attorneys Assist San Luis Obispo County Supervisors With Decision to Deny…